Saturday, May 8, 2010

She was GORGEOUS...

Hey there.
I just keep humming the song "butterfly kisses" in my head as i recap, Molly and prom last night. She was stunning beyond words. Thanks to Chelsea Ferguson, family friend who did her hair and makeup. It was very vintage, Audrey Hepburn looking. I will attach a picture as soon as i can figure it out. But it was a day every mom enjoys...playing dress up with their daughters...except this time it was for real!

Her date, Jacob, is a fine young man. A Godly man with Godly parents. We have been praying for someone like him to enter Molly's life and God provided. They are almost at the one year mark. He treated the King's Daughter like a princess!

It was all magical, in Molly's words went waaaay to fast! Doesn't all special moments/treasured times do that...go to fast.

So picture coming soon.

Happy "mom's" day to you mom's out there! and to the special mom's in heaven. "happy Mom's Day" Mom, i miss you very much. Did you see Molly?

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Ryan and Ashlie said...

Ahhh, such a sweet post!!!! I saw a picture on Facebook, Molly was stunning!! You should be a very proud Mommy! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
love, Ashlie