Monday, May 10, 2010

back riding again...

Hope you all (mom's) had a great day yesterday. I did. Just having my girls home was the blessing. They joke with me because all i ever ask for is "Quality time" (and when molly says it she does the quotes with her hands!!funny girl)

We did church Sat. night and I watched church Sunday, because Molly was in a drama. Ah..she is so gifted. She says she can do that but very nervous to give her H.S. grad. speech. She will feel better when it is written. That is this week! Prayers.

After Molly got home we did lunch at Jason's Deli. Fun. Came home and hung out with the girls. They gave me some cute presents (even though...i didn't ask) Thanks to big sis Megs who compiles all the gifts and card and lets molly sign it! But the gifts were very thoughtful. Megs knows her mom. Molly does too...because she wrote me a letter. loved it. cherish it. cherish any thing my girls give me, do for me, or don't do for me. They are my gift from God.

After Megs left, i got on my bike (i love it) and rode. I was determined to stay on it til i knew megs was home safely. I rode 20 MILES!!! Which i have been doing on avg. (since the shoulder ligament tear) 12-14 miles. I have done 20 before (many times) but not since i injured my shoulder. It took over an hour and half, but not bad for me!

So anyway. thanks for reading my blog. hope i don't put you to sleep.

God is good. His Grace is sufficient. He lets me carry my burdens to Him and prays I don't pick them back up again. He is still teaching me that lesson!

God Bless You, He already is me!

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