Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am sorry it has been more than a week since words have been typed. Busy? don't know. (saw Cathy, a friend, and fellow reader...thanks...I write for you!)

Anyway, i finally got to see the movie BLINDSIDE...first i learned why it is called that. It is the offensive players "name" (not official name) who covers the quarterbacks "blindside" when the defensive players are coming at him. cool. Second, I highly recommend you all go see it. Probably most of you have seen it. I want to own it. Wow. It was moving, inspiring, and challenging movie.

I guess i could take the word BLINDSIDE and think of it spiritually. God has my BLINDSIDE. GOD has ALL SIDES of me. Yet, i still don't give him 1/2 of me. I am being blindsided by my own lack of obedience. Disobedience can BLINDSIDE me from seeing/hearing God's voice/will for my life. Sad. I guess that is why I need prayer protect keep my BLINDSIDE open to God.

Do you have a BLINDSIDE? I do. I am challenged and humbled to go forward and work on it. I want to be BLINDED by GOD' LIGHT!

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