Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I saw on a blog someone wrote their "simple pleasures". Those are the things that bring you pleasure but are simple. So what better thing from the "Real Simple" blog to write my "simple pleasures."

My list of Simple Pleasures....(short list)

1. THUNDERSTORMS...i love them so much that i have a thunderstorm on my iPod i listen to when i fall asleep.
2. SOUNDS OF NATURE...there is a wide range of "nature" sounds on my iPod that I listen too...Amazon Rainforest, Rocky Mountain, Whales, Waves to name a few.
3. MY GIRLS...yes, i know they are grown up woman...but I will always refer to them as "my girls".
4. THE SMELL OF GRASS, fresh mowed.
5. SITTING IN THE FRONT YARD WITH RUTHIE, our mini dachsund and watching her nose go wild. smelling. then i get annoyed when she barks at EVERYTHING that walks by!
6. SMELL OF FALL LEAVES. decaying leaves, doesn't sound pleasurable...but the smell.
7. SITTING AT THE BEACH and watching the waves and listening to them.
8. WALKS...walking and praising God's creation. observing all that HE has done.
9. BIG FLUFFY,DOWN COMFORTERS (don't have one) but when i sleep under
11. WATERFALLS, the sound of any water...rain,etc.
12. MY HUSBAND'S unconditional love for me and all my flaws.
13. PRAISE AND WORSHIP be in the sanctuary all by myself and listening to great worship music and praising my Jesus....

I guess that is it for this moment. I could probably go on and on...but now it is your turn. Simple pleasures....mine are.....

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