Tuesday, March 24, 2009


okay...i have been the worse blogger in history. i have failed all my readers (which i think is ONE person, Dawn!)

so she has inspired me to get back on it and write my thoughts, encouragement to others, and just to journal!

I am trying to get to the Y today and swim. I need to get my "try" body back in gear. even though i don't see a triathlon out there i will do (money!). But still need to train as if i am going to enter. So this will be short cuz i have lunch at 11:30 with a friend and don't want to smell like chlorine!

My daughter Megan got her college graduation announcements...wow! Praise God for this blessing and for all Megan's hard work!

Off i go and it is alittle chilly here in FL today in the 60's but pool should be in the 80's.
Pray I get my training back on track and lbs off my body!
thanks sisters!

Praying you find peace in Christ and trust Him in everything, as i have tried and tried to do....I am so human sometimes. But I love my Jesus! and so blessed to know Him. How 'bout you?

see you!

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Two readers at least. Me. :)
Yeah for Megan! :)