Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have i always been athletic? a blogger bud ask?

Trina, a new blogger buddy "reader" of mine (hi)....ask that question in my comments. My answer is this...I had to I had an older brother and I was a "tom-boy". I played softball in gradeschool and swam on a swim team. Played field hockey and swam in high school. Was also a "wrestlerette" (when you didn't make the main cheer squad that is what you became!) in high school. Played softball with our church in Bloomington. IN.

I have always done something aerobic throughout the years. And when my mom went home to Jesus, April 26, 2006 my husband bought me a road bike for mother's day (good grieving tool). I haven't got off it since...actually he bought me a real nice road bike (carbon!) 2 Christmas' ago. As of today i clocked 2300 miles on my bike. I use to ride it every it is more sporatic (sp???). But i have vowed to get back on it 3-4 times a week. I also am swimming again -swam the last 2 days (20 laps, and 25 laps). As i said I am pretending to be entering a "tri" again. I rode 12 miles today and in a few minutes i am off to do the Jillian dvd, that nearly killed me yesterday. I also do aerobics at our church twice a week. (but it is really a fitness class, because we do so many different things).

So even though i have "worked out" most of my life. I still struggle, struggle with my weight. Doing a "try"athlon was HUGE for me! I had done 2 that I only did the bike part. Then last August I did my first full one and then on my 50th birthday I did my last one (so far). I loved it. I can not believe I did it. But it was neat to say I did it and on my 50th birthday! Plus I think I am setting an example for my you are NEVER (hear me, trina) to old to start something. Walking 10,000 steps is a good goal (each day!)

So anyway...that is that.

I was going to write things i love so my few readers could get to know me better. I was going to do a few here and there. (keep you coming back!)

Things I love...
  • As I was riding today I heard two seagulls...I love to hear seagulls they remind me of the beach.
  • I love the way God protects me when I am riding.
  • I love the fact that I am healthy enough to use my legs and ride a bike. I pray alot when I today I thought (and prayed) about the kids who have cancer or are in the hospital--how they can not ride beside me. But they did in my heart today.
  • I love fresh air.
  • I loved my ride going one way because i was going 18-19 mph....but on the way back...forget it...10-12 mph (how embarassing) was sooo windy! phew.
  • I love that my husband lets me stay home each is like getting a dozen roses from him each day.
  • I love my girls and my husband and my little ruthie (mini dachsund).
  • I love thunderstorms/lightning and rainy days. I fall to sleep listening to music that plays "thunderstorms" on my iPod. funny!
  • So that is it for now.

I have to get up and work out! I am hearing Jillian calling my name and the pain i feel already...yikes! hope you enjoyed this read!???


~Trina~ said...

I used to jog 3 miles a day and was a runner, but that was a long time ago. I miss it. I appreciate your post. I'm impressed with your triathalons. =)
I'm trying to do the treadmill and Total Gym faithfully again. Thanks for the encouragement.

Dawn Cartwright said...

I so love this! Now I feel like I can be a part of your day by reading your blog. Miss you too dear friend- you continue to be an inspiration to me with your disciplines. Hugs to the fam.