Wednesday, March 25, 2009

graduation, church events, and my to do list...

I am a to-do list maker...are you?

I make list more as i get older, I think. Might have to make a list to remember why i make list? ha.

Anyway, I do make a lists because I love to see that I have accomplished something as a Home Engineer. Plus I tend to forget things when not on a list. Does anyone have good ideas with list?

I keep a separate list for each thing i am event, my girls, my home, etc. But you know what i don't have -- a TO-DO list for God.

I don't think i need one for Him. But I should have a prayer journal. I know He is taking care of me. I know I desire His will. So maybe that is the only thing on my To-do List for God: Let your will be done in my life! now that is Real Simple!

I have been reading the bible through the year. I am quite proud of myself...for one thing it is not on a "to do list". and another thing at the most i have fallen 2 days behind. But as of today I am on March 25 (actually I am on tomorrow, because i read todays). I am amazed at what a GREAT, GREAT read it is. I am amazed how many stories are repeated but different. I have learned alot that I had NO idea was in the bible...your monthly time, incest, murder ( i knew that one), etc. It is a great read for anyone who loves, true stories, loves war, loves wisdom, loves honesty, loves order, loves GOD! I am very, very excited i have kept this as my "thing to do" without putting it on a list. real simple.

So making a list for event this weekend...calls to make; exercise at home--Jillian "trouble zones" (i have a few!); swim at the Y...loved yesterday; work on making a "to do" list for Megan's graduation (with names to send invites to); make a "to do" list for a sweet friend getting married in a month (congrats Jessica!) and i think that is all i will fit in today. we will see!

So making a list and checking it twice....i am off to accomplish a goal or check off a box (that is how i do my list with boxes).

have a great spring is absolutely beautiful here in sunny florida!

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~Trina~ said...

Just came across your blog. Enjoyed reading it. Have you always been athletic or is this a new venture for you as you were approaching 50? I'm 49 and have felt a compulsion to change several things in my life this year as I approach 50.