Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another post for you guys

wow....i have 2 blog readers...record i am sure...

no the record will come when they ask to advertise on my blog...dreaming...dreamer.

i made it...i swam 21 laps in around 30 min...pretty good considering i have not been in the water since my last tri in Oct. also had aerobics tonight.

i bought a jillian (biggest loser) dvd today. my sister swears by it. we will see! i am anxious to try tomorrow and do some more laps.

thanks for the congrats regarding megan, Cindy. It is a big thing for megan to get her college diploma (with honors) and poo-poo on all those teachers that said this would never happen...but then again they were not God; who created, designed and believes in Megan. It is the biggest day of our lives and really big for her! she still has 4 certification test to take: elem. ed; middle; reading; and gifted! we will give it to God and rely on Him! (and some studying!)

well, i need to go shower. tried to watch Obama-decided to just pray for him.

count your blessings...He gives us more than we can count


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You're going to spoil us; two posts in one day! :)

I am so thrilled for Megan. That is huge. God is huge! :)

Dawn Cartwright said...

You go girl! Glad I could be an inspiration to you. Now send your readers my way-ha ha. I have you and my sister.