Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you have leaks? Spiritual ones?

Hey there.
Last night brian came into the bedroom and said he had just read this statement."If you are not experiencing true joy, you have leaks in your Christianity"...he said he had some leaks. Do you? Do I? I don't know how to answer that. I feel content (except for that one thing--lbs) I love my family. I love staying at home and purging. Am i filled with joy? I am today, because i am not in Haiti (i wish i could go and help though) and did not go through what those people went through and still are going through. I just cannot imagine. People who went there say it is worse than we see. So i am joyful i have a laptop to write to you about these things. I am joyful i have clothes on my back and just had a bowl of cereal! So do you have leaks...if you do read the below.

I am starting to go into Max Lucado's and Charles Stanley's sites. I read there daily devotionals. Today Max posted on his Twitter..."God pomises "I will instruct you in the way you should go, I will guide you with my eyes." (Ps.32:8) Trust Him, Heed Him, Your are not alone!

On Charles Stanley's...he was talking of the story of Jeosophat (sp). This is part of the devotional: "When God's people humbly call upon His name, He releases awesome power. The bible is packed with stories o His mighty intervention on behalf of those who cry out to Him. He is ready to respond when we bring heavy hearts and deep concerns to Him. Crying out to God and asking Him to work in our ieves requires humility and persistence. Though we are unable to succeed onour own, we frequently try. By allowing us to bring our concerns and desires before Him, Jesus lovingly helps us realize our dependence.

So how dependent are you to Him, or is that why you/we have leaks? Question for the day.

every day is a gift..every moment a blessing

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