Thursday, August 20, 2009

to be or not to be...this is my quest? or question?

hey there.
Wow...i love to check my blog and see comments. when i do i blog! okay so i am just now checking to see if comments and it is the 20th! and the comments were a wee bit ago! (alittle irish accent for my wee friends) smile!

To be....a godly friend, mom, wife, and stranger to all
To the Word daily. Just started a journal "The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer" by Lisa Whelchel.

To be....there for my girls.
To be....more patient and less controlling...whew...that needs to be in caps!
To be....NOT to busy to help a friend, to pray, or be there for my family.
To be... a good listner to God's calling and His will in my life.
To and laugh often.
To person God desires. and see His creation in me and embrass it!
To be....spontaneous and gracious.
To be....thankful for the blessings God gives.
To and not joyless.
To be....a creative craftor cuz i love to craft! (dawn you should see my journals!)
To be....always in prayer and more on my knees in prayer.
To be....less in love with food and more in love with Jesus to "fill" me!
To be....on my bike, running, swimming as if i am going to do another tri.
To be....there, anywhere, always aware, always there for You.
To be....loving, gracious, giving, generous, encouraging, creative to those around me.

to the moment. too see the gift of that moment. to love and cherish it!
To the Lord. Oh, how i need to work on this. sacturation.
Not to be...demanding.
Not to be...unnoticing.
Not to be...controlling.
Not to be...searching for food to fill me and not Christ.
Not to busy for quiet time.
Not to be...anxious when I know God is in control.
Not to be...a constant "reminder" to my girls they "hate" to be reminded. I need to trust they will get it done!(oh that is the controlling disease in me!)

Not to be...wondering what the pool feels like and just jump in somedays!
Not to be...concerned with me..let God do that.
Not to busy "not to be" on my knees for my friends, family, strangers in prayer more.
Not to be...crafting when i know it brings me joy and hopefully others when i give them a "happy surprise" created by me.

Not to be...always wondering why?
Not to be...always regretting the things i didn't get done, but trust God in HIS timing.

Not to be...what others want me to be, but what God wants me to be.
Not to busy to blog, cuz it really is therapuetic.(sp?)
Not to be...making this list longer than the "TO BE" list!!! ha!!

so what are your "to be's" and "not to be's". I am crazy but sometimes i think i am not such a bad "blogger"/writer. Nah....blah, blah, blah!

love you keep me blogging. And yes there is a Megan story coming.

BTW...she is doing GREAT. She is really doing great. I get to go tomorrow, friday, and help her with her room. yeah. I miss her sooo much. that is why i can not blog about the experience i get all blurried (teary) eyes!

see you. love you. need you. love the moments...every moment is a blessing!

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Dawn Cartwright said...

I coninue to check and SURPRISE! You blogged! Happy to have you back. Like we are sitting across the table with a "cuppa" tea. (That's English). SO happy for Megs- have been praying for her. Kelly is discouraged as she got her 5th interview turn down yesterday. It's hard to continue to be the least I only have one now as Kit is up and running at IU!!Hourly, Quality Control, but with football.
Got the moving package yesterday- Thnaks , thanks, thanks!!! I started reading right away and it could be my story! I'm continuing to pry about when God wants me to start a group. How exciting!! Love you and miss you.Hugs to Molly too!