Sunday, August 9, 2009

it is Aug 9th and 10pm: bedtime and i'm blogging?

I'm sorry. Truly sorry to the few bloggers that read me. I feel like Rip Van Winkle and i just woke and realized summer is over. But it really is. A week from today my world will change alot! Megan (our oldest) will have moved out and started her "Real World" teaching job (okay that is a blog story of its own) and our youngest Molly will begin her Senior year in High School. Way too much for me to process! Way too many "on hold" tears in the tear ducts (sp?). So what am i to do? Lean on Jesus. Follow Jesus. Let Him fill yet another jar of tears marked "Betsy's".

I want to....Learn more about Him. Yearn more from Him.

I will have so much on my "to do" list while my house is very, very empty. I need to read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Because Molly has practically begged me to read all summer. Get back to the Y and swim. Get back on my bike and ride. Get those lbs off me. But really i want to study God's word while my house is silent. I want to listen to Him. "Be still" as scripture tells us.

I want to truly worship Him 7 days a weeks. So that my life becomes saturated with Him. My mind becomes saturated with Jesus. I know a select few that i could say they are "saturated" with Jesus. Blessed they are. but that is because they have read and studied God's word.

I have given up on re-do's in my life. I just know I have precious "moments" that are gifts from God. I need to be "in those moments" and seek to see what God whats me to do with them. Use them for Him.

So as i start to blog again. (yeah right, no really) I challenge myself to read this entry often...very often. and do as it says. be a good example for my girls. it is not too late. tomorrow is a new day. Praise God for Grace!

good night my sweet Jesus. Be with my friends. Bless them this evening or day. Let us see the blessings and be glad in them!

working on saturation...


Dawn Cartwright said...

Yeah!! You're back. I kept checking....May you be flooded with Jesus. And forgive your message on the books- tons of thanks. Let's talk this weekend. Have Megan call me if she needs anything- I'd love to teacher mentor her!!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Loved this post, sweet friend. So excited for Megan, and can't wait to hear the story! I pray this year is sweet and beautiful for you!