Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Hi. Happy Father's Day to all.

I was reading a friends blog and he reminded me about who else to concentrate my "Happy Father's Day" too....God. Our Heavenly Father does deserve a "shout out" of Happy, Happy Father's day to the God. He created me! Thank you. You deserve so much more from me then a "shout out". As my friend said...i need to be in prayer and praise mode to Him today and always. (he said something along that line, if you are reading this John...i am poorly paraphrasing you!but you are smiling!!)

But I have thought alot about God and appreciating the "moments" (even the oops moments) lately. I have a friend (jacki) who has cancer. She is amazing woman/friend. She has witnessed to me so much this week. I have been blessed to sit with her and pray with her and hold her hand. wow. there are no "oops" in Jacki's life right now. She is focusing on God, her Heavenly Father, the Great Physician, the Great Healer. She is quoting scripture and holding tight to it through these uncertain times. She has such a beautiful smile. We laughed. We prayed. We chatted. She talked. It was all precious.

Visiting with Jacki has really brought me to the realization of "time". We talked about how today is a gift. We are never promised tomorrow. She is not bitter. She is very focused on God and His word. It is because of Jacki this day and lately...that i feel blessed to vaccum my house, dry my hair, float in my pool, watch my girls, laugh with my husband and much more. I look at things through Jacki Eyes...grateful. appreciative. thankful. blessed. awed by my Heavenly Father.

thank you Jacki for waking me up. giving me a reality check. But i will still mess up, but Jacki is thankful for God's grace.(and so am i!)

So pray for Jacki. And be thankful for the moments and the "oops" moments in your lives. Say "happy Father's Day" to our Heavenly Father. Shout out a "PRAISE" to Him. (thanks John for your blog blutness).

Here is to our earthly father's who are now with our Heavenly Father....Happy Father's day- Dad. (July 27,1993) and Happy Father's Day - Chip (brian's dad) 2/28/09. I know you are is well with your souls. (but we still miss you!)

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JG said...

Excellent paraphrasing. Yesterday went very well by the way. Thanks for your thoughts.