Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally 2K

My daughter, Megan, who claims to be my blog manager is all over me for not here...this one is for Megan.

The picture and the title to this blog is about reaching 2,000 miles on my bike that means 1,000 on my new rubioux in 85 days. I know to some cyclist that is not so sweet...but to this cyclist I love to see that number with all those 0's. Now off to the next 1,000 can't wait to see

I wanted to blog about my 'lovely' computer and i write that in a sarcastic tone. It has been hit by a virus....ugh. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with verizon. And paid to have someone come fix it. But it is still sick. In all my time of waiting for the computer to let me go online. I have also learned alot about "anti" this and "anti" anti-virus. Oh and there is that James Bond thing..."spyware" and "firewalls" that you don't call 911 about. Gee....but the whole "cleaning my computer and checking for virus' made me think about scanning my own heart, mind and soul for the same thing...virus'. Hmmmm....something to think about. Do I have my firewall initiated? do i have an anti-virus running in me? Yes, the Holy constantly as my Helper. God's Word is my "parental protection" my Father, Jesus is constantly there for me. His Word gives me protection, wisdom from so called "virus'" the world may try to put on me. His Word provides a firewall in me and around me. I love that. Although sometimes i get "virus'" and have to run an "anti-virus" on me and go seek God's Word's....and then i feel clean and (no more cookies!). Anyway this is a thought, may be kinda a corny for some of you, but me it is not, especially my recent experience with my computer gave me WAY too much time to think deeply into all this computer lingo! oh well. (megan i hope you enjoy this post)


Scott said...

you rock.
i cant wait to read more ofyour blog and you keep going.
Think your blog will reach the 2K mark as well someday?

Real Simple said...

thank you for your confidence. can't wait to see you and worship at SOCC> in town Sept 19 - 28. I am still learning the blog world stuff.. You and Cindy have it down.