Saturday, August 9, 2014

Count down to school begins...

Wow...this week teachers back on the 10th...students back the 22nd. Wow. Where did the summer go? Megan gets students THIS monday! wow!! My mom and dad would crack up starting school so early! They were back in the generation that school was out after Memorial Day and did not start back til after Labor Day...please bring this back!

Went to a "free" store for teachers today. Got up at 3:45 meet the group at 4:30ish and the store opened at 7! But we were FIRST! Great stuff. Hey my Donors Choose is going really slow...just an FYI!

Went to an amazing concert! Hillsong worship. Amazing God! He was present. He IS present!

Wow..being very techy tonight...downloading cd's on iTunes, crafting some magnets and listening to Chains on my playaway (book)

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