Saturday, November 6, 2010

I got a job, but now i have a cold....germs and children?

I am all congested and my chest is voice is deep and i am up at 5:30 cuz i went to bed at 7:30! So do children pass germs or is this just a fall cold? I am taking Vit. D3 and lots of Echinechea with Gold seal and RESTING this weekend! My molly girl came home this weekend...yeah! but had to have a CAT scan for migranes she has been having...blah...PRAYERS!

Being an AIDE is just that "aiding those around me to help them be successful" is my definition. It is a tough job being a teacher these being a blessing and being a teachers aide is rewarding. Not sure all the ways it is rewarding yet, but getting there. I have a very challenging class...9 boys and 3 girls. 8 WILD boys and 1 quiet boy and 3 quiet girls! Pray for this class please. Pray for Ryland, Ethan, Alyssa, Belle, Isabelle, Ryder, Lucca, Micah, Patrick, Jake, Jared, Paulie. these children each come from different kinds of homes....some with no dads, some with abuse, some living with one parent one weekend and the other the next, some come from typical households, some are only children...all different....all created by God. All needing love and attention and DISCIPLINE!

So pray for my teachers Amy, Aubrey and Cari....that i work with. Pray that i shine Jesus to them and those around me! Pray for God's will and direction for me and this job!

So back to the coughing and some rest this weekend! (and yes i did have a flu shot!)

Have a great weekend....fall is here is florida...jean and sweatshirt weather! cool 50's in the a.m. and in the 70's in the afternoon...lovely...just lovely.

I love God! I am blessed by His Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and uncondtional love! and so much more....He blesses me each and everyday more than i can see! Thank you Jesus for loving me!

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