Tuesday, July 29, 2008

phew...what work it is to create a blog

okay...so i did not put "computer" down as my "interest". I am not a computer "savvy" person, nor do i really want to be. I just want to journal on a "simple" blog site, but still have it
be fun and "cute".

thanks to my first born daughter, this was created in about 2 hours...the time it will probably take me to complete my first "try"athlon this Sat. Ha!

so for those who have entered this blog...may it glorify God and be covered in His Grace. I wanted to do thi s blog so i could share some "real simple" thoughts in being a housewife, a mom, and a friend. most of all to share things i have learned in my walk with Christ (and still are learning!). I want to encourage others and maybe even give someone a "happy surprise" through my words of encouragement.

I also hope my stories and thoughts will encourage you and become a "happy surprise". I will explain that in my next blog. May you all have an incredible simple moment and remember "every day deserves a chance." (thanks Max Lucado).


Ma Val said...

Hi, I'm a new Blogger as well. I found you while involved in the Bloggy Carnival. I'm commenting to say, "Hi" and I have a mini-doxi too! Her name is Small Fry. I've yet toget her pic up but will soon. Hey, does your dog do the "Wild Weiner Run"?

pjmomof3boys said...

Congratulations! I just started my blog in March. I have to warn you, it can be addicting! :)

Man, you're trying a triathalon? Jealous! I wish I had it in me. Did a couple half-marathons two years and 20 pounds ago...now I can't even get motivated to walk around the block! Good luck!!!

Visit me a boogersandburps.blogspot.com!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

This looks so cute! So glad you're here. :) It IS addicting, though! :) Have you found some good blogs to read?